Friday, January 8, 2010

What is the best way to remove hair yourself? (without going to a salon!)?

What's the best thing to use?

For any body hair, facial hair...etcWhat is the best way to remove hair yourself? (without going to a salon!)?
Cream dipilatories (like Nair, but I prefer Sally Hansen products due to skin sensitivity) are the most comfortable, but also the most messy. Waxing is the most effective and longest lasting, if you have a pain tolerance. I can wax my eyebrows, but the minute I snatch a wax strip off of my leg...I'm screaming my head off.What is the best way to remove hair yourself? (without going to a salon!)?
I personally would say home waxing but there is also depilatory creams, epilator, bleaching and shaving.
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  • Tanning in salons?

    Hi! What are your opinions on tanning in salons?

    I go somtimes, but I feel terrible about it because

    research says it is sooooo bad for you! But I love to

    have nice color.

    So what are your opinions?

    Do you tan?

    Do you know anyone who has had skin cancer?

    Thanks people!Tanning in salons?
    No thanks, i'd rather not have orange skin or skin cancer!Tanning in salons?
    tanning is definitely unhealthy for you and there are different ways for you to look tan (you can use self tanner. if you get the right kind it looks completely real and its not bad for you it's also a lot cheaper then tanning every week). i know tons of people who are struggling with skin cancer because they didn't wear sunscreen when they were kids.
    i see an orange nope ti's jsut you

    What will I wear to my Salon interview?

    I'm going for an interview on Saturday at a very classy Salon to train as a Beauty Therapist full time.

    I'm used to working in Office environments and always wore my suit to those interviews.

    I don't want to look too posh and stuck up for the job so I don't know if my smart black suit is the way to go. I want to look trendy, fashionable, classy and smart but not in a so obvious way.

    I really want this job and I know my image is key, please help??What will I wear to my Salon interview?
    If you wear your suit you'll look professional and seem like you're going to take the job seriously, but if you're in doubt do what I do, wear smart slack trousers and a smart black shirt!What will I wear to my Salon interview?
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    Maybe try a gray knee length pencil skirt, a sweater or dress shirt in color that you think looks good on you. If you wear earrings try not to go to big and the accesories will most likely look best if they are silver. Maybe some nice, clean, black heels; but not too high! ;) Oh and of course style your hair a way you look presentable. Make-up is not bad but not too many bright colors, only a bright color on your lid, mostly neutrals as your contour and highlight! Don't let it show that you don't usually dress like this. Hope I helped!!!
    Easy, It kind of depeds on you really. What I would wear is like a cute(one color, cause ur not a child) sweater with black pants with flats and have your hair done. Or another thing is Wear a cute Jacket with Dark Blue jeans and some adorable shoes. Or you can wear a nice skirt with tights. Very classy. I would wear a hat but dont wear it sidewards cause it is gonna make you look slang. Backwards can make u look slang to. Hope I helped. Good Luck on you Interview!

    Japanese hair Salons?

    Does anyone know any good Japanese Hair Salons in Singapore? cos i wanna have a Japanese hairstyle....Japanese hair Salons?
    hi, you can try go to Mibun hair studio that i found on 88db, they are the latest Japanese and Korean concept hair studio and they have various range of hair services

    I have medium skin and I was thinking in going to a tanning salon.?

    only because my legs look lighter that the rest of my body, would like to get an even look but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Any suggestions?I have medium skin and I was thinking in going to a tanning salon.?
    try using a tingle tanning lotion on your legs...the tingle lotions contain ingredients that increase your blood circulation, which causes u to tan darker...i recommend ';hot tottie'; by pro tan...I have medium skin and I was thinking in going to a tanning salon.?
    yeah try it,put a tanning bed lotion with bronzer in it on your legs,it should help.
    Don't! Tanning, especially in a salon, is very harmful to the skin. You wouldn't tan evenly anyway unless you completely covered every part of your body except your legs. What you're experiencing happens with alot of people. My stomache is the darkest part of my body, but I can hardly get my arms to change color. I wouldn't worry about it.

    How to pay tips in a salon?

    Should I give all tips to the stylist and let her share the money to the people who wash my hair? Will the stylist share the money automatically if I don't remind them?How to spilt tips?How to pay tips in a salon?
    you have to tip each person directlyHow to pay tips in a salon?
    If the salon has a no tipping luck.

    I would tip each person individually and personally thank them for their service.

    Thanking them personally with the tip shows real appreciation.

    Good hair salons in Fountain Valley.?

    Please list me some of the good hair salons names in Fountain Valley please. Not so expensive but good at cutting any tyoe of hair, especially Asian Hairstyles. Please do suggest those in Fountain Valley. Oh! I'm a girl (if that's help).Good hair salons in Fountain Valley.?
    Renaissance Salon or Strawberry Blonde's Hair
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